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‘Peacock’ Signed Limited Edition by Susan B Leigh

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Introducing Susan B Leigh ‘Peacock ” Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

Edition Size: 95
Image Size: 18 x 18″
Framed Size: 24 x 24″

Medium: Giclee Canvas Print
Price includes frame as shown
Free standard UK mainland delivery
Full Certification & Documentation

Step into the enchanting world of Susan B Leigh’s artistry with her mesmerizing piece titled “Peacock.” This artwork captures the majestic beauty and vibrant allure of one of nature’s most dazzling creatures, the peacock.

In “Peacock,” Susan skilfully portrays the iridescent plumage and graceful demeanour of this magnificent bird. The peacock’s feathers shimmer with an array of brilliant hues, from emerald greens and sapphire blues to rich purples and shimmering golds, creating a breath-taking display of colour and texture.

As the peacock proudly displays its plumage, its regal stance exudes an air of confidence and elegance. Each intricately detailed feather is rendered with precision, capturing the intricate patterns and delicate textures that make the peacock’s plumage so captivating.

“Peacock” is more than just a painting—it’s a celebration of the splendor and majesty of nature’s creations. Through Susan’s artistry, viewers are transported to a realm where beauty knows no bounds, and the wonders of the natural world are brought to life in vivid detail.


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