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‘Paddling’ Signed Limited Edition by Martin Leighton

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Introducing Martine Leighton ‘Paddling ” Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

Edition Size: 145
Image Size: 16 x 12″
Framed Size: 22 x 18″

Medium: Giclee Canvas Print
Price includes frame as shown
Free standard UK mainland delivery
Full Certification & Documentation

Step into the invigorating world of Martin Beresford’s artistry with his dynamic piece titled “Paddling.” This artwork captures the exhilarating essence of a day by the sea, where the waves dance and the wind sings a symphony of adventure.

In “Paddling,” Martin skilfully portrays the energy and movement of the ocean as waves crash against the shore with rhythmic intensity. The water swirls and churns, frothing at the edges as it rushes to embrace the sand beneath the paddler’s feet.

The wind whispers secrets as it sweeps across the surface of the water, creating ripples and waves that shimmer in the sunlight. Its playful dance adds a sense of movement and vitality to the scene, as if nature itself is alive and rejoicing in the joy of the moment.

As viewers gaze upon “Paddling,” they are invited to feel the spray of saltwater on their skin and hear the laughter of seagulls overhead. In this dynamic seascape, the paddler’s becomes one with the elements, guided by the ebb and flow of the tide and the gentle caress of the wind.

“Paddling” is more than just a painting—it’s a celebration of the boundless beauty and power of the ocean, where every wave tells a story and every gust of wind carries the promise of adventure. Through Martin’s artistry, viewers are transported to a world of excitement and wonder, where the call of the sea beckons and the spirit of exploration knows no bounds.


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