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‘Last Light’ Signed Limited Edition by Mark Beresford

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Introducing Mark Beresford – ” Last Light ” Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

Edition Size: 95
Image Size: 16 x 16″
Framed Size: 21.5 x 21.5″

Medium: Giclee Canvas Print
Price includes frame as shown
Free standard UK mainland delivery
Full Certification & Documentation

Step into the captivating urban landscape of Mark Beresford’s artistry with his evocative piece titled “Last Light.” This artwork captures the serene transition from day to night in the heart of the city, where the fading sunlight casts a warm, ethereal glow over the bustling streets.

In “Last Light,” Mark skilfully portrays the quiet beauty of twilight in an urban setting, as skyscrapers reach skyward against a backdrop of dusky skies. The cityscape is bathed in the soft, golden hues of the setting sun, creating a tranquil atmosphere of quiet contemplation amid the hustle and bustle of urban life.

As sunlight dances across the skyline, casting shimmering reflections on the glass facades of buildings, one can almost feel the gentle hum of the city and hear the distant sounds of traffic and conversation. In this tranquil urban tableau, Mark invites viewers to pause and immerse themselves in the peaceful beauty of nature’s twilight dance, even in the heart of the metropolis.

“Last Light” is more than just a painting—it’s a poetic meditation on the beauty of the city at dusk, where the last rays of sunlight linger just a little while longer, casting a spell of magic and wonder upon the urban landscape. Through Mark’s artistry, viewers are transported to a world of serenity and introspection, where the rhythm of the city slows and the beauty of twilight takes centre stage.



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