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Avocet – Signed Limited Edition Print By Clive Meredith

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Introducing Clive Meredith’s  “Avocet ” Signed Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Print

Edition Size: 95
Image Size: 13 x 12″
Frame Size: 19 x 18″
Medium: Giclee Canvas Print
Price includes frame as shown
Free standard UK mainland delivery
Full Certification & Documentation

Step into the tranquil world of Clive Meredith’s art with his captivating piece titled “Avocet.” This artwork is a testament to Clive’s mastery in capturing the delicate beauty and tender moments of nature.

In “Avocet,” Clive transports you to the serene shallows where the elegant avocet tends to its young brood. Mirrored perfectly in the calm waters below, the avocet family’s tender interactions are captured with meticulous detail and tender affection. Through the reflections in the water, the viewer glimpses the loving bond between parent and chick, each delicate movement echoed in the rippling surface.

The soft hues of the sky above are mirrored in the tranquil waters, creating a serene backdrop for this heart warming scene. With each stroke of his brush, Clive evokes a sense of peace and harmony that envelops the viewer, inviting them to pause and immerse themselves in the quiet splendour of the natural world.

“Avocet” is more than just a painting—it’s a tender moment frozen in time, a reminder of the precious bonds that unite families in the natural world. Through Clive’s artistry, the viewer is transported to a world of tranquillity and love, where every reflection tells a story of tenderness and connection.



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