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Susan B Leigh

From an early age, Susan B Leigh knew that art would be at the heart of her life, guiding her towards a fulfilling career.

After completing her studies at art college, Susan chose to specialise in textile design. Inspired by her passion for the French Impressionists, she pushed the boundaries between subject and form, media and texture, and colour and light. Drawing her primary inspiration from nature, she has always aimed to express her perceptions rather than create exact representations.

Susan’s professional journey saw her become the design manager for a leading UK bedlinen and home furnishing company. Here, she developed design ranges for renowned high street department stores including John Lewis, M&S, Habitat, and BHS. Eventually, she transitioned to freelance work, continually challenging herself by also studying Interior Design and working across both disciplines, alongside a bit of teaching.

Susan B Leigh’s love for painting shines through in her depictions of nature, focusing predominantly on flowers and animals from the wild, farmyard, and pets. For Susan, colour, form, and expression have evolved to hold a deeper significance, and she seeks to explore this further through her painting, incorporating her extensive background in design.

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