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Ben Jeffery

Born in 1986 in Barnet, north London, Ben developed an interest in art thanks to his grandfather’s introduction to John Varley’s work. In secondary school, he discovered his passion for art through friendly portrait-drawing competitions with classmates. A portrait of his dad for a mock GCSE earned admiration from his entire art class.

Ben studied art through to degree level, mostly teaching himself techniques as his tutors provided minimal guidance. His love for oil painting and vibrant, detailed artworks wasn’t always appreciated by tutors, but his classmates were impressed by his creativity. Through trial and error, he developed his unique style.

Ben’s paintings often evolve as he works, starting with a basic composition and letting the brush shape the final image. He chooses colours spontaneously, sometimes sketching an image he envisions. His process involves painting a base layer, letting it dry, then adding detail in a second layer. He reviews his work after a day or two to make necessary adjustments.

His diverse portfolio includes portraits and landscapes in both pencil and oils, characterised by vivid, bright colours and a modern style. A sci-fi movie enthusiast, Ben once aspired to be a concept artist for films and video games. Although he excelled in digital painting, he prefers the depth and feel of traditional paint. He draws inspiration from concept art and the stunning views around his parents’ homes in Herefordshire and the Isle of Harris.

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