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Alex McGarry

Alex McGarry is a distinguished artist renowned for her oil paintings that vividly capture British wildlife and farmyard animals. Her work is characterised by a unique approach to anthropomorphism, where animals are often depicted on a grander scale than they are in reality. This technique not only showcases her exceptional skill in oil painting but also brings a distinctive, almost lifelike presence to her subjects.

Before embarking on her journey as a professional artist, McGarry’s career was rooted in interior design, specifically for new homes. This role led her to create numerous paintings for show homes for a major UK house builder, further honing her artistic skills. Her talents also extend to graphic design, having created logos for Ma Maison Interiors and the prestigious Marwell International Wildlife Art Society (MIWAS).

McGarry’s artwork has garnered significant acclaim, evidenced by several awards, including a “best in show” accolade, as voted by the public, at Mottisfont Abbey, Hampshire. This award was a remarkable achievement, considering the competition involved over 200 exhibits.

In addition to her original works, Alex McGarry offers limited edition prints available on both paper and canvas, making her captivating art accessible to a wider audience.

For those interested in exploring her work further, limited edition prints of Alex McGarry’s art are available, offering a glimpse into her enchanting world of wildlife and farmyard animals captured in oil paint.

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